Published in The Citizen Newspaper – July 3rd, 2013 in my weekly column Blography of Sudan
That Sudanese Moment is a witty, funny and different blog that stands out in the blography of Sudan. In this blog opinions are not narrated, words are not the main tool and language takes a second place to image. This Sudanese Moment is a visual blog with a simple concept. Every post here represents a certain Sudanese event, feeling or situation and while the moment is explained in short texts the blogger’s feeling towards it or reaction to it is presented in an animated image. Most of the images are short – ca. two seconds- scenes taken from longer visual materials such as films and television shows. The posts are characterized by the dramatic nature of the images, the strong language and a dark sense of humor. Many readers might find themselves contemplating and laughing at other possible Sudanese Moments from their daily experiences after checking this blog, as I have been doing for a while now.
The topics featured are political, social and personal daily situations from family arguments and bargaining with Raksha drivers, to Sudanese social norms and reactions to government statements. Though the “that moment when” memes are not new to the web, the manner by which this meme is applied to Sudanese social and political situations in this blog is very interesting. Whether they are images from the American TV shows Tiffany “New York” Pollard, A-List: New York and The Oprah Winfrey Show used visualize the Khartoum vs. Omdurman vs. Bahri debate, or a broke Tetris animation visualizing a political situation, the posts are well chosen, expressive and funny.
No details about the blogger are available in That Sudanese Moment. However the voice of the blog is young, from an upper middle class background and in most of the latest posts female. Several posts are about the daily struggles of a Sudanese female within her family, her society or her romantic relationships. The voice of the Sudanese Diaspora is also irrefutable in this blog as many posts address the “Vacation in Sudan” experience. These characteristics make the blog’s tagline “IF YOU’RE SUDANESE, YOU WILL MOST LIKELY RELATE” since those who belong to this group or are closely related to it are not “most” Sudanese.
The blog’s text is mostly written in English mixed with Sudanese-Arabic terms. This blog has been actively making the blography of Sudan a funnier a place since April 2012. Enjoy the following moments, they are examples of many beautifully presented on That Sudanese Moment.


*Tar7a/ Tarha: Sudanese for head scarf




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