We Remain Too Cynical

This evening I went with some friends to watch the Sudanese films participating in Sudan Independent Film Festival. I’m actually proud of myself for making time to attend one show every evening in this year’s festival. After the screening some of the filmmakers came to the stage for a discussion, which as usual was my cue to leave the room. Apparently that was the same for many of my friends.

At the entrance we met, between cigarettes and route plans of where we are going next, we talked about the films, what we liked, what we didn’t understand and what we found ridiculous.

We praised filming techniques and laughed at absurd dialogues. Pointed out unnecessary scenes and missing details.

A discussion one would think we might want to have
at the platform dedicated inside for it. We might want to ask our questions to the filmmakers, or share our opinions with them. Wouldn’t we?




We remain too cynical. Or perhaps too scared to leave our comfort zone, this group of friends and acquaintances to whom we don’t need to “explain the basics”, we don’t need to challenge “the known”, or even rationalize our criteria for deciding what’s good. And for me more than anyone, I remain too lazy to fight my established bilingualism and phrase a full sentence in one language as a grownup in a public setting ought to do.


Yet again too cynical, too convinced the world has deeply sunk in its mediocrity to work loudly on challenging it, actively for enhancing it. We sit back and wait for what’s good to come, and we remain too cynical to admit we’re hoping for the good to come.

We remain too cynical, outside, in the comfort of cigarettes and rout plans to where we will go next, to sit among ourselves and laugh at the world.

Save the world from our kind.


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